Movies releasing today: That other horror franchise that just won't die

You know you're slipping out of midyear blockbuster season when the genre films with geek appeal start drying up. As a result this week's sole new release of interest is horror film Final Destination 5 - screening in 3D and 2D.

Only 2 years ago The Final Destination, AKA Final Destination 4, released with the promise that it was going to be the final entry in the franchise, and was therefore going out with a 3D bang (a first for the series). Well, I guess it was more profitable to keep the Final Destination movies clocking up ad nauseum - like the Saw series - because here we are again, with a new batch of unknowns trying to out-dodge Death.

In keeping with the Final Destination formula, a premonition helps our "heroes" escape a disaster - in this case a deadly bridge collapse. Tony "Candyman" Todd's creepy coroner then pitches up to explain how Death feels cheated and will attempt to claim the survivors via freak accidents. This triggers intense paranoia as the characters attempt to avoid their fate. The difference in Final Destination 5 though is that this time the survivors are pitted against each other, killing to claim the victim's lifespan and extend their own existence.

The big drawcard of the Final Destination series has always been its outlandish, increasingly laughable deaths. Unlike many other horror franchises, there is no iconic knife-wielding villain slashing people apart, so the filmmakers here are reliant on morbid creativity to draw in audiences. I admit I was a big admirer of the first Final Destination, although I gave up on the increasing silliness after 2. Watching the Final Destination 5 trailer, therefore, I rolled my eyes at the apparent stupidity - I mean, why would you schedule surgery when Death is out to get you?

Well, it turns out my preconceptions were off the mark. Final Destination 5 has a very strong (for a horror film) Rotten Tomatoes rating of 59% Fresh. Critics are praising the film for its spectacular opening sequence and have gone so far as to call it the best 3D horror film yet. For the record, Final Destination 5, like its predecessor, was filmed in 3D, as opposed to being a post-shoot conversion.

Anyway, Final Destination 5 has surprised a lot of people. It's apparently a solid return to form for the series, dumping campiness and replacing it with nerve-wracking suspense and massively enjoyable "kills," staged with gleeful flair. Most importantly, it's a lot of fun. Of course, there are still those reviewers who have dismissed Final Destination 5 as more of the tedious, superficial same. However, given the positive response overseas, I might actually be tempted to give this one a shot at the cinema.


NiteFenix said…
Can't wait to see this film.

As a matter of interest, have you seen this Youtube Music Video made by the cast of Final Destination 5?

It's hilariously funny.

P.S. Interesting Captcha Code at the bottom LOL: utorilit

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