A better look at Superman's costume

Timing is a funny thing. No sooner did I put up yesterday's blog post, focused on new Superman film The Man of Steel, than a batch of spy photos popped up online that provide a much better look at the new Superman costume - as sported by star Henry Cavill.

The images apparently originated on Facebook, although I first saw them over at Dark Horizons. You can view the full set over at DH, or even more images at Superhero Hype. Here are just a couple of on-location pics showing Cavill as he rehearses without his cape attached.

Admittedly I do miss the red undies a bit but I think the suit looks appropriately alien / Kryptonian. I just hope that Superman acquires his costume via his home world (somehow) and doesn't get his adoptive mom Martha Kent to make it with her sewing machine, as has previously occurred in the comics.


Frank Rudy said…
The suit looks very gay! :P

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