Calling all Gauteng geeks: It's ICON time

If you're a geeky-hearted individual in the Gauteng area this weekend, it's worth hitting ICON, South Africa's biggest gaming and comics convention. Sure there's the annual rAge Expo for the video gamers and techies, but ICON caters for gamers of the character sheet-wielding, dice-throwing, boardgame-loving, miniatures-painting, card game-playing variety. Oh, and the LARPers and cosplayers as well.

Anyway, you can download the ICON 2011 brochure here or ask any questions you have on the Facebook event page. In summary though, these are the details you need to know:

When: Friday, 15 - Sunday, 17 July
Where: Jabula Recreation Centre, Athlone Avenue, Sandringham, Johannesburg
How much: R20 per day entry or R40 for the entire weekend.
PLUS, budget approximately R25 per activity you wish to participate in, and put some cash aside for the dozens of comic, gaming, geek lifestyle and anime exhibitors who will be punting their wares.
This year's dress-up theme: Steampunk

Although budget and leave constraints mean I can't make the con this year, I had a fantastic time when I attended ICON 2009 (Post 1, Post 2 here) . So I leave 2011 attendees with a few words of advice:

  • Saturday is the best day to attend.
  • Buy a commemorative mug, which comes with free hot beverage refills for the entire weekend (you'll need it).
  • Don't forget to try out the demo boardgames.
  • Never expect the RPGs to run according to the printed schedule.
  • Take your vitamins and immune boosters beforehand if you want to try and avoid debilitating "con flu."
  • Seize the opportunity to socialise and have fun with like-minded, passionate individuals. The South African role-playing community - or at least those guys and gals who regularly reach out and make the effort to popularise the pastime - is surprisingly small.

Have fun and be safe!


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