Observation about Blogs

You know what is probably the most interesting thing about reading blogs is the amount of revelation that goes on. People you thought were so together, confident and happy with their lives actually aren't. They experience the same dissatisfactions, depression, worries and concerns as you. In a way, it's comforting to know that you aren't alone.

And I'm not even talking here about online aquaintances. I'm talking about the friends you encounter in RL regularly. The truth is that when you see these people the standard 'How are you?' question is met with a similarly bland 'Fine' or 'OK' in response. Then you move on to whatever generally superficial issue you want to discuss...

The point is: even though you may have really good friends in RL, face to face, you generally don't pry or force the friend to speak about their problems. You leave things unsaid, and pretend everything is fine, forcing a smile. Online, however, in blogs, the truth comes out.

Of course, next time you see that person in RL, you still don't speak about their revelation, or congratulate them on their courage in revealing something so personal and painful. Instead of a blatant comment like 'How's your sister's drug addiction treatment?', for example, the most you will actually say is 'Hey, I read your blog' and leave it at that.


Gareth said…
I have no idea what you're talking about. You're babbling again lassie ;p

Unknown said…
People are afraid to be real. Even amongst their friends. Blame it on social conditioning, tv, whatever... the fact of the matter is, is that very few people are 100% happy and comfortable enough with themselves to be completely honest and open with their friends.

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