April post recap

A couple of days late with the April content recap, but it was another rather disrupted month for writing between holiday weekends, family weddings and being stuck in some long paralysing patches of self-doubt and FOMO-induced melancholy. Here's everything that I did manage to get out in my free time from 1 April to today.


Two Marvel movie fans review Avengers: Infinity War [vlog]:

The team's spoiler-free thoughts on Avengers: Infinity War [Critical Hit]

Flatliners – FLATliners is right (DVD Review) [Critical Hit]


Change is coming... - Avengers: Infinity War movie feature [Gamecca Magazine]

Paddington – The little bear who makes us better people [Critical Hit]

Fiction Writing

You Winston, You Lose Some - Banter at Croft Manor between Lara and Winston, the butler.


April DVDs – One mega-blockbuster and a whole lot of drama [Critical Hit]


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