March post recap

A couple of days late thanks to the Easter long weekend, but here's a brief look back at my creative output of the past month. There was a bit more video content than usual in March, as Tracy came back to graciously discuss movies with me on camera. You can see our new review vlogs below. In fact, my content creation skewed heavily towards reviews last month, and that was largely motivated by the release of one film in particular... *cough* I'm sure you'll recognise it when you see it.

Anyway, before that, did you know I have an Instagram account? Check it out for daily pics of cosplay, comic stuff, cats, general geekery, travel and food.


Tomb Raider review: A fan’s spoiler-free take on the movie reboot [Critical Hit]

Two women review the 2018 Tomb Raider movie [vlog]:

Two lady geeks review Ready Player One [vlog]:

Scribblenauts Showdown – A colourful and cute party game that’s likely to disappoint franchise fans (Game Review) [Critical Hit]

Voice From the Stone – Barely a whisper of reward for viewers (DVD Review) [Critical Hit]


Slay, Queen! - Tomb Raider movie feature [Gamecca Magazine]

Fiction Writing

A focus on my Tomb Raider fanfic
You Winston, You Lose Some - Banter at Croft Manor between Lara and Winston, the butler.


March DVDs - Your dose of action, crime comedy and cuteness for the holidays [Critical Hit]


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