Recapping my writing - October through December

I realise I've let the reposting of my various Pop Culture pieces, reviews and other content get away from me the past 2 months. I aim to be back on track in the New Year. However, in the interim, here's the full list of what you can read, and where.

Movie reviews:

Don't Breathe - Horror that's simple, taut and satisfying [The Movies]
Jack Reacher - An entertaining popcorn flick; nothing more [Geek Node]
Arrival - Sci-fi for the thinking person [Geek Node]
Doctor Strange - Magic or Muggle effort? [Geek Node]
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - A solid spin-off with its own identity [The Movies]
Underworld: Blood Wars - Tries and fails to be Game of Thrones [The Movies]
Sing - A feel-good, foot-tapping charmer [The Movies]

DVD reviews:

Regression - An intriguing but seriously overwrought thriller [The Movies]
Sing Street - A charming, musical coming of age tale [The Movies]
Last Days in the Desert - The Bible goes full-blown art house [The Movies]
The Keeping Room - A tense, gritty, anti-Gone With the Wind [The Movies]
The Shallows - Just feel, don't think [The Movies]

Movie Previews:

Doctor Strange - A strange new world [Gamecca Magazine]
Rogue One - Star Wars goes rogue [Gamecca Magazine]

Comic reviews:

The Lil' Five and the Secret of the Black Cave - A charming adventure tale for the whole family [Geek Node]

Miscellaneous articles:

Tomb Raider reboot finds its Big Bad [The Movies]
Easy, cool costumes for Halloween [The Movies]
Another (p)fangirl joins the team [Geek Node]

Fan fiction

Living Legend - A Tomb Raider-Wonder Woman cross-over [ongoing]


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