Presenting Cards Against Humanity: Tomb Raider edition

2016 marks the 20th Anniversary of the Tomb Raider franchise. I'd been pondering what I could contribute for the occasion, to celebrate the most iconic female character in Gaming.

Then I thought, "Why not fulfil my dream of working on a Tomb Raider game?"

...Even if I have to make it myself.

The end result? I proudly present Cards Against Humanity: Tomb Raider.

Version 1.0 of the downloadable card game consists of 30 black "question" cards and 180 white "answer" cards - all of which have Lara Croft flavour. Cross-media references are made to the games, films and comics; not to mention 2 decades of franchise controversies, and the fandom as a whole.

So, yeah, if you're a casual Tomb Raider enthusiast, you may find some cards a tad obscure. Then again, consider it a great opportunity to learn something new about our favourite pistol-packing lady adventurer.

For the record, Cards Against Humanity: Tomb Raider is intended to be more snarky and cynical than full-blown offensive. It's all in good, if sometimes off-colour, fun.

Yeah, you have every right to look scared, Lara.
Like its controversial but always hilarious source material, Cards Against Humanity - self-dubbed the "party game for horrible people" - my variation is available under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 licence.

In other words, Cards Against Humanity: Tomb Raider is entirely for fun, for free and in the spirit of parody. You can play it, share it and adapt it as you see fit. In fact, I desperately want you to play the game.

Please provide feedback via this blog's comments, email, private message, or Twitter, so v2.0 can be improved. What question-answer combos had you in stitches? Would you reword any options? Most importantly, if you have brilliant ideas for future black or white cards, please share them.  I know most, if not all, Tomb Raider fans have a wry sense of humour to rival Lara's own. Let's develop this game together from here on out. Let's make it for the fans by the fans.

To play, here are the downloads you need in PDF format:

Plus, optional but useful:

Note: When printing I recommend you set the files to fit A4 size.

For those of you unfamiliar with Cards Against Humanity, you can read the official game rules here. This said, it is not a rule-heavy, competitive game with winners and losers. The enjoyment lies in what cutting question-answer combinations you can construct from the 10 white cards in your hand. There are dozens of variations of play, like my personal preference - where the players decide together which is the funniest combo each round.

Cards Against Humanity is best played with 3+ people but I'm sure there's pleasure to be had simply by playing with yourself. (Heh heh)

Now get on it.

The groaning and gasping has just begun.


Anonymous said…
Have you also made a deck for the online version of Cards Against Humanity? If not, I know where to make it if you give me permission to do so.
Pfangirl said…
Hey man, go for it! You have my permission.
Anonymous said…
It took me a long while, but I'm finally done! If you ever play CaH online with your friends, here's the code for the deck: VCGAX

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