Time to Rise and Shine

As of today in North America (EU release is this Friday, 13 Nov), this highly anticipated action adventure sequel is out as an Xbox One and 360 Exclusive.

It hurts to say it, but as big a Tomb Raider fan as I am, with my life in world-wandering limbo right now, I'm not sure when I'll be in a (hardware-owning) position to play Rise. For the record, PC release is scheduled, at this point, for sometime in early 2016, while PS4 owners should be able to play it just in time for Christmas next year. [info source]

In the past few months, as Rise of the Tomb Raider's release has approached, a crazy amount of promotional material has appeared online - a good chunk of it very spoiler-heavy.

The 30-second "Legend Within" TV commercial (below), however, is perfection as far as I'm concerned. No talking. No clunky exposition. Just action and adventure set to Karen O's wonderfully moody I Shall Rise, written especially for the game. I think the combination of song and game visuals perfectly captures the essence of the rebooted series; why exactly it has given the franchise a shot in the arm, and helped so many people - myself included - to fall back in love with intrepid archaeologist Lara Croft. And it's not about pretty graphics.

Quite simply, this trailer conveys Lara's indomitable spirit. Over and over again, she takes a hit (physical, emotional, psychological), yet over and over again she gets up and carries on. There is no question she's a gaming icon and a real-life inspiration.

P.S. on the topic of music, game score lovers can also download Bobby Tahouri's entire Rise of the Tomb Raider score for free, on SoundCloud.


Jun Jun Miller said…
Can't wait to read your reviews about Rise. I love your fanfic of the reboot TR, both" Can't go home" and "Easier to run" (You pick the right Linkin parks' song which just fits the scenario ) , I read 4 times ! Easier to run is an epic! You captured Lara's character sooooo well, her feelings and emotions! You are so talented!!! They should put you as an official writer, seriously! I am afraid you will be disappointed with the storyline of Rise (because I do)... there are so many things don't quite make sense and does not connect with either the last game or comic books. So I am looking forward to hear what you think and your next fanfic of TR!!! (Forgive my English, not a native speaker)

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