The Early 80s in-betweeners

So, I really identified with the following post that first appeared over at Social Media Week.

The Oregon Trail Generation: Life before and after mainstream tech is a short but nostalgia-stoking post about why children born in the late 70s through early 80s are, well, a bit difficult to classify - not quite Generation X but also without many of the characteristics associated with Generation Y.

The piece does end a bit abruptly, but it's still worth a read if you, like me, are part of this in-between generation that saw home PCs really take off during our high school years, thrilled to the sound of dial-up Internet connecting, subscribed to mailing lists, scratched our heads over how to reference websites  and, most importantly, safely got through college just before social media really exploded and broadcast our lives to the world.

P.S. This same generation will also know what the image below is referencing.


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