So much funkier than "you wouldn't steal a car..."

I owe you all a blog post about my first ever cinema visit in Japan, when I got to FINALLY watch Guardians of the Galaxy. So, yeah, on that note I owe you all a film review as well...

In the meantime though, if you've never seen it before - I only experienced it for the first time last Tuesday - here is Japan's answer to the West's "You wouldn't steal a car..." anti-piracy ad.

As you can see, it enlivens a very stale message by injecting a hefty dose of Daft Punk-style funkiness, as well as all the expected Japanese WTF-ness.

For the record, you can watch the other 2 commercials in the series here. And, on the topic of Daft Punk, make sure you check out this clever tribute to the music act as well.


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