Tomb Raider comic #2 out today

Just a reminder that available from today is the second issue of the all-new Tomb Raider comic - written by Gail Simone, pencilled by Nicolas Daniel Selma and published by Dark Horse Comics.

Click here for your various Tomb Raider #2 digital download options.

You can read my review of Issue #1 here, but in essence, if you're wondering what the new comic series is about, it continues the story introduced in the 2013 Tomb Raider video game reboot. The reader follows fresh-out-of-uni Lara Croft as she evolves from a bookish archeology graduate to a no-nonsese adventurer increasingly open-minded about supernatural forces at work in our reality.

Below is a 6-page preview of the new comic - in which Reboot Lara gets aquatic for the first time; showing off one of the skills so integral to the character in her older iterations.

Please note: the preview contains spoilers relating to events in the first comic. If you plan on reading the entire series, beware.


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