Tomb Raider Valentine's tags

Here's your friendly reminder that this Friday is that most odious, ball-achey of commercialised holidays: Valentine's Day.

Yep, that one day of the year it's preferable to hole up at home like there's an actual zombie Apocalypse instead of venturing out. The latter is to be avoided because there will be crowds and crowds of lovers doing those most romantic of things: like queuing, and eating rigidly set menus like every single other couple in the restaurant...

Phew, that ended up much longer and much more cynical than I thought it would. Because, truthfully I do have a secret soft caramel centre...

Anyway, if you do want to add a bit of geeky fun to your Valentine's Day, how about some Tomb Raider 2013-themed gift tags?  

Alternatively, for something a tad more highbrow, there are these wonderful Valentine's Day cards to purchase, featuring great literary and historical figures. Check 'em out.


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