Kickstart genderfluid novel Under My Skin

Last year was the first time I bought digital music. This year was the first time I backed something on Kickstarter  - more specifically, this upcoming e-novel, Under My Skin by Anna Dooland

This is the synopsis:
Under My Skin is the story of Min Lee, a young woman who has everything. She has a great job with a great salary, a great boyfriend, a great house and a great family. Her future looks bright. Still... she can't help noticing the cracks in her life and privately wondering if this is all that there is. It's not until she meets Bree, a headstrong schoolgirl hellbent on anchoring herself in Min's life, that she allows herself to recognize that her perfect life isn't so perfect for her.
And that's when everything starts to get really f*cked up.
The story follows Min as she tries to reconcile how she feels inside with how she looks outside, how it impacts her work and her relationships, and what it all ultimately means for her future.

Under My Skin is intended to explore sexual and gender diversity. It would be unusual (and, like, way less fun) to explore these topics without relating them to sexual activity. As such, there will be (non-explicit) sex scenes in this story.

There are still 7 days for you to show your support for Under My Skin... for as little as 1 Aussie dollar.

Granted the project has already met its Kickstarter goal, but I would encourage you to throw some cash at it anyway. The crisis Min faces is something very close to my heart (which is content for a whole blog post in its own right).

More importantly author Anna Dooland - working under the pseudonym Asynca - writes the most amazing fan fiction, including the absolute BEST, sweetest, sexiest, most heartbreaking Tomb Raider stories you will ever read.

Asynca also has a really awesome Tumblr filled with interesting to hilarious goodies - plus, all her writings of course.

Pledge your money now. Do it! Regardless of anything else, you'll be doing your bit to counteract the misconception that fan fic writing is poorly written and a pointless exertion of efforts.


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