Trailer Tuesday: The Lone Ranger

After languishing in development hell for well over a decade, and then stalling last minute because of budget concerns (this baby costs over $250 million), The Lone Ranger is finally returning to the big screen in the 21st Century. No doubt hoping to duplicate the success of its Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Disney has re-united the director (Gore Verbinski), producer (Jerry Bruckheimer) and star (Johnny Depp) of that particular series for this boisterous, mega-budget Western.

Ascendant heartthrob Armie Hammer plays the title character, a former Texas Ranger left for dead during an ambush. Saved by Native American spirit warrior Tonto (Depp), our hero dons a mask and fights injustice, riding off on his white stallion with the catchphrase "High-ho Silver, away!" Out of interest, The Lone Ranger started life as a radio serial in the 1930s (with The Green Hornet as its spin-off) before becoming an iconic TV series in the 1950s, starring Clayton Moore.

Now the trailer for The Lone Ranger 2013 is just a 90-second teaser but I already like what I'm seeing: the film seems to be visually striking, stylish and not without a nod to Wild West decadence. Quirks are also clearly there - I don't think you can avoid them with both Burton buddies Depp and Helena Bonham Carter in the cast - but the actors seem to be playing things refreshingly straight. Right now, The Lone Ranger doesn't seem to simply be Pirates transplanted to (very) dry land. For the record, Tom Wilkinson and William Fitchner round out the cast.

The Lone Ranger is currently set for a 3 July 2013 opening in North America. The film's South African release date has yet to be set.


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